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Swiss Shield microwave shielding window fabrics offer the most tried and tested method to shield windows from cell tower radiation and are a great partner to our conductive shielding paint Blocpaint, when shielding room’s offices or even whole buildings against cell phone radiation. 
Wireless Protection has been the UK distributor of Swiss Shield products now since 2008 in all the thousands of metres sold; I cannot remember one complaint regarding any of their fabrics.
The range includes new daylite, tough and very durable this allows good air exchange and light microwave radiation protection.
A relatively new product known as Wear offers medium cell tower radiation protection but excellent durability and designed specifically for clothing washes very well with minimal shielding capacity loss.
My favourite though is Swiss Shield Naturel shielding microwaves at up to 40Db it’s the best see through breathable long lasting microwave radiation shielding fabric I know and there is certainly plenty of this fabric in my house & office, nothing else has been on the market shielding mobile phone mast radiation this long and this well. 

Take a look at what Simon Davies one of my clients says about a bed canopy made out of Swiss Shield Naturel he purchased from wireless protection.

"I moved house over a year ago and suffered sleep problems from day one.  This continued for two months, my doctor was prescribing me sleeping pills which were not working and life was going downhill rapidly.
After doing lots of research I thought it could be down to the local phone
masts of which there are many and the number of wireless networks in my new area.

After speaking with Glynn from wireless protection, he suggested I try the protection
bed canopy with the earthing grounding sheet.

I purchased the Swiss shield canopy and ground sheet, the first night I used it I enjoyed a full night’s sleep.  I woke and punched the air in celebration of my first proper night’s sleep in two months.  Since then it has continued to protect me so I can enjoy normal sleep.  When inside the net it blocks Wi-Fi and
3g signals. If it hadn’t been for the net I would have had to move home (not sure where though as most places have Wi-Fi)

what can I say, I love my net."

Simon Davies

Hello Glynn,
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we received our bed canopy on Wednesday 3/21/12. We were surprised that it had arrived so soon since it was coming from your office in the UK. After work that day I went to the local hardware store and purchased the 8 dry wall anchors needed for installation and after supper I proceeded to hang the canopy. My wife immediately began sleeping all the way thru the night. I had an adjustment period but now, I too am sleeping so much better.
We both wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for offering this product. We had researched the internet for bed canopies and found you to be the least expensive and frankly I was a little hesitant because I have found that one usually gets what they pay for and the cheapest is not always best. You have gone above and beyond what we expected. You promptly and clearly answered all of our questions. Your service is exemplary in that when we were experiencing issues with my credit card you were patient and courteous and even worked after hours to help process my purchase. Then delivery was spot on! Three days from the UK to our front door! We are completely satisfied with our purchase and cannot thank you enough.
May God richly bless you!
Warm Regards,
Terry & Michelle Guy
Spring, Texas
P.S. Feel free to use this testimony as you see fit."

Hi Esther I was just going to write you this morning. I am so happy with my new canopy, it's really lovely and my body is already beginning to get stronger now it's no longer subjected to all that emf stew whilst I'm asleep. You guys have been absolutely amazing, so helpful, and patient. I have really been impressed and touched by your support and kindness and will in future without hesitation recommend you as my emf protection suppliers of choice, as in my opinion your customer service goes above and beyond. Please feel free to use this as a review and again thanks for everything.
Dr A. Nelson-Iye.

I received my canopy yesterday and slept under it last night. I had one of the best nights sleep ever! I woke up without a head ache which is very unusual for me.

It was worth the wait and now I look forward to going to bed at night.

Thanks - James

I just wanted to say hey to you and thank you one more time for the canopy I notice that I have more tolerance for the emf in my college and I can concentrate better thanks alot