shielding your home or office

In this section you can find our superb products to shield your home, office, or school from microwave radiation, electromagnetic fields, radiation from mobile phone masts, or cell phone tower radiation, Wi-Fi cordless phones, baby monitors, even microwave ovens in fact anything that emits a dangerous microwave can be mitigated here.  You get to chose, just browse and learn the dangers of all aspects of wireless radiation and the discover ways you can improve your environment and therefore you and your families health using such things as conductive shielding paint, and microwave shielding curtains, window film anti radiation fabrics, canopies and earthed underbed mats


You should have already bought your microwave radiation detector and worked out where the radiation is coming from then measured the surfaces you want to shield against cell tower radiation.  

Once you have done that, browse through our products learning their shielding capacity and as you browse be you can do it without any anxiety aware that our products don’t just shield they last even with washing and that our precious metals are always encased in fabrics for your extra safety (some cheaper products on the market degrade and can even be ingested when close to the face).

All our products come with comprehensive instructions and anything you feel unhappy with can be returned undamaged, although once shielding paint is opened we can’t accept its return.

So go on, enter into a life of better health from today and opt you and your family out of this worldwide health gamble at least whilst your all at home give you and your children a chance to recover from the days microwaves.

One final piece of advice if you are on a budget concentrate on the bedrooms as that is where mobile phone mast radiation does its most damage, and where the body gains most benefit from protection.