Router & Tablet shielding

WiFi makes your life easier. You can get online from a coffee shop or from your living room. You are not restricted to a  computer that is physically connected to the Internet, but that convenience comes at a price.  The jury is still out but many say your WiFi router is slowly but surely ruining you and your families health, and in some parts of the world its being banned and removed from infant and junior schools, however most people can't live without it, but thanks to the Y-Fry Bag you can dramatically reduce you and your families exposure to the dangerous wireless radiation emitting from you broadband router but stay on-line, simply pop your WiFi router into your Y-fry Bag and reduce your exposure and that of the rest of family by up to 95% yet still get access to Hi-Speed WiFi.  Simply choose your preferred fabric (low protection New Daylite  fabric offers moderate radiation shielding but almost no loss of signal,  whilst Naturell will dramatically reduce your WiFi radiation but also effect your WiFi signal range, minimising fraud and health risks but affecting Internet performance.  For modern 3 Ghz + routers choose the Blocsilver fabric option.
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iPad Blocase
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Purple Fetus protection pinny
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