Radiation Shielding Window

Your first action; make your double or single glazing into radiation shielding windows.  Why is shielding your window so important?  Well it’s quite simple the bricks in your walls and often insulated plaster board can offer some cell phone tower radiation shielding and with a lick of conductive shielding paint http://shop.wireless-protection.org/blocpaint-conductive-shielding-paint-191-p.asp you may have these larger areas covered for mobile phone mast shielding.

Usually windows offer little or no protection from cell tower radiation so you need to make these “gaps in the walls” into radiation shielding windows.  You have three options see through window filmshttp://shop.wireless-protection.org/electrofilm-en50-25-p.asp see through net curtains, http://shop.wireless-protection.org/swiss-shield-curtains-poa-143-p.aspwhich we can tailor make for you or you can buy radiation shielding material such as swiss shield new daylite http://shop.wireless-protection.org/swiss-shield-daylite-fabric-142-p.asp

What you should decide before you start your shielding window exercise.

How dense is the cell phone radiation and to work this out first you will need a high quality microwave radiation detector, coming through my window this doesn't have to be expensive as we offer these on a rental basis http://shop.wireless-protection.org/rent-our-acoustimeter-105-p.asp

Then, what’s my budget  and how much light am I prepared to lose. EN50 window filmhttp://shop.wireless-protection.org/electrofilm-en50-25-p.asp offers good protection and our EN50 is not expensive and is once upon your window almost undetectable. A really efficient mobile phone mast protection is Swiss Shield Naturell http://shop.wireless-protection.org/swiss-shield-naturell-fabric-141-p.asp This material offers significant microwave radiation protection and powerful cell tower radiation shielding and in light winds continues to work when windows are open.  Another option is to back your bedroom curtains with our trusted old faithful Electrocloth  http://shop.wireless-protection.org/electrocloth-26-p.asp

So hopefully if you checked out all the links you should now be ready to start to protect your windows from many different kinds of microwave radiation given off by such things as Cell towers, phone Masts, WiFi, WiMax, DECT Cordless Phones, Microwave Burglar Alarms, Digital Baby Alarms and nearby Digital Television Masts.

Remember start with your detection equipment and keep checking as you shield your windows and paint your walls to make sure you're going in the correct direction, and always feel free to call our support team for advice.

That is it go get to it!  We wish you well and pray your shielding project runs smoothly and creates the results you desire.  Keep checking, Have fun and focus on how much better you will feel when it is all completed!
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