Minimise exposure to environmental EMF

When we have the revelation that EMF (electro magnetic fields) from wireless technology such as cell towers (phone masts), Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, DECT (cordless phones), smart meters, baby monitors, smart entertainment and domestic appliances is disturbing our quality of life, we are left with the confusing, daunting and in some cases seemingly impossible task of shielding ourselves and our families from this degenerative high frequency microwave radiation.  Here I will try to create a simple path for you to follow to minimize your family’s exposure EMF radiation from cell towers, Wi-Fi, etcetera.

I would recommend you follow my ALARA (AS Low as Reasonably Achievable) policy towards exposure to harmful EMF.  What I mean by this is in your home you have both external and internal sources of wireless pollution which you can remove, change or shield from.  Outside of any environment you control your options are more limited, buts firstly let’s look at what I believe will determine your success in these areas.

  1. Passion, determination and drive.
  2. Knowledge and resource (normally attained through partners like ourselves).
  3. Finance.

So now its up to you, you need to design how much if any of the above you have for the sake of your families’ health.

Many people say to me how come finance is at the bottom of the list, “I can’t achieve anything without money”.  Yes, you can here is my free 10-point plan.

  1. Return to a landline mindset, encourage people to contact you via your landline number or wired social media.
  2. If you must use your cell (mobile) phone then, never hold it to your head, keep it plugged into some speakers and about 2-3 feet away from you.
  3. Disable the Wi-Fi on your broadband router and hardwire your computers, televisions etc.  If you want to have occasional access to iPads etc. we can help you but that costs money.
  4. Replace your DECT (cordless phone) with a wired phone
  5. Where possible turn your electricity off at night (you will be amazed by the results)
  6. Refuse wireless smart utility meters or if already installed, lobby you supplier to replace them with inactive technology.
  7. Never leave your cell phone or tablet active in your bedroom at night, place them on airplane mode.
  8. Avoid where possible travelling to or inhabiting environments that common sense tells you are likely to expose you to significant levels of EMF, particularly the high frequency microwave radiation emitted by cell towers, Wi-Fi etc.
  9. Find remote rural beauty spots such as forests, beaches, hills and the like in which to walk or run.
  10. Be aware of EMF and use common sense to avoid it in general exposure terms.

Ok so already you’re on the EMF knowledge and empowerment path and there is much more here, on google (watch out there is a mass of dodgy info on the web from ambitious amateurs and worse industry propaganda) and on our sister website

Finally, you can shield your own environment and that’s where our great range range of products and services come in.

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