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Gigahertz most popular RF detector the HF35c is highly accurate, directional (as much as anything can be in this multi-source Electrosmog world) and robust.  Considering its technical capability is it very reasonably priced too.
Ideal for shielding projects when mitigating cell tower radiation, smart meter or DECT cordless phone emissions, as the accurate directional capability allows you to adjust your shielding plan accordingly, it doesn't though read high band Wi-Fi.  If you're new to this scene, I'd go for this monitor for your newly discovered microwave radiation shielding guidance and supplement it with the acousticom which whilst none directional will accurately pick up anything high bandwidth that the HF35c misses.  If you can only afford one monitor buy the Acoustimeter this whilst none directional comes with LED readings which will help guide shielding projects and it will cover the high band Wi-Fi emission.


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Angel Gia
"This canopy definitely improved my sleep. Without the canopy, I would sleep 4 to 5 hours, and now I get over
7 hours of sleep a night! The improvement in sleep helped me perform better at work and still have energy to exercise after work. It also helped me to eliminate caffeine in the afternoon, which further improved my sleep quality.

I live in a high-rise building surrounded by 15+ Wi-fi networks (see first drop down picture). Inside the canopy, the number of wifi reduced to 4 or 5 (see the second picture). In addition, I now shut off my own wifi at night.

The consultation service was extremely helpful. Esher provided patient guidance on how to setup my canopy and grounding correctly. She noticed my floor shielding was too small, and send a larger replacement free of charge! She even pointed out that my Fitbit also emits radiation. After looking into it, I decided not to wear my Fitbit to sleep anymore.
I replaced my boxspring with plywood so that I can have more headroom."

Jan Creighton

"This canopy is excellent. It was very easy to install, is very breathable and above all extremely effective against cell phone and wi-fi radiation. I didn't need to use the optional (included) earthing wire to achieve zero radiation inside the canopy as measured using my electro smog meter. (Outside the canopy it can be as high as 90 microwatts per square metre.) Very happy with this product and the advice provided by Cell Phone Radiation. I sleep better now."

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