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The subject of Electromagnetic pollution remains shrouded in mystery, most of us suspect cell phone radiation to be dangerous, many governments admit it’s dangerous to live near power lines and in particular pylons but in general the modern world is in a confused state on the subject not that dissimilar to that of tobacco in say the 1950’s, read this comment from a friend it sums the current scenario up nicely.

 “My uncle was telling me last week, that in his early days in the navy, they used to issue the sailors with free tobacco…”Not sure if this was to cut short our pensions..or they were just totally clueless about future health effects” He was sensible and gave his rations to my grandfather who sadly died of emphysema”

I can almost hear you huffing, puffing and some giggling regarding the above but please stop are you sure you’re not the feature of somebody’s future brain tumour story?  Are you flabbergasted by the above whilst sitting at your wireless computer surrounded by wireless routers and cordless phones with a “well everyone does it, pass me my IPad attitude”?

In this section of the website I intend to help you understand what many believe to be the most dangerous health experiment ever embarked upon by mankind.  Like it or not you are almost certainly involved in this but here you can learn how best to minimise your exposure to the health threats from elements of this experiment such as cell phone radiation, cell phone tower radiation, your or your neighbours Wi-Fi, cordless phones, smart meter radiation and dirty electricity, etc. 

We will also cover issues you might not have considered such as baby monitors, digital TV signals and microwave intruder alarms, why your medication might not be working, what could be the reason you can’t sleep, why you can’t think straight anymore, those awful headaches and much more.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying the mechanised worlds deteriorating health is all down to your cell phone but I do believe it is significantly more responsible than most of us realise.

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Cell phone tower radiation
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