The Sleeping Environment

Most humans suffer sleep quality issues around cell tower radiation and for the increasing number of electro sensitivity sufferers this can be serious but for those suffering from electro hypersensitivity, cell phone radiation protection for the bedroom is essential.

Our canopies are exported all over the world and are renowned for their quality and durability.  They are manufactured here in the heart of Lancashire where for centuries the skill of material fabrication has been practised.

Our canopies protect against the cell phone radiation from mobile phone masts, Wi Fi DECT cordless phones and much more.  They can be easily and quickly fixed in place, and they are portable, so you can take them with you if you move house. You may be able to take them on holiday or when visiting other people, but the ceiling hook may limit temporary re-location.

Please click here to see how effective Swiss Shield radiation protection fabric is against EMFs.

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