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Rent the ESI 24 Microwave Radiation Detector

Rent the ESI 24 Microwave Radiation Detector

Our Price: £50.00

The ESI 24 new from Germany is great as a microwave radiation detector, but it doesn’t end there, this great cell phone tower radiation monitor does more than most its competitors and actually reads 3 different types of EMF’s,  It takes care of magnetic and electric fields, and is a superb microwave radiation detector, essential for those suffering from electrosensitivity.

Very simple to interpret LED lights indicate pollution levels but this feature is further enhanced via an audio speaker that indicates the strength of the signal that is being unearthed.  In short you don’t need to be a scientist to work this thing, simply spend five minutes with the instructions, and then go find what could be making you sick.

So you can use the ESI 24 to track down a cell phone tower, your neighbours Wi-Fi or cordless phone.  You can investigate the magnetic fields given off by household domestic appliances. You can check your office or sleeping place for the electric fields that just might be ruining your sleep patterns.  It’s very compact and therefore discreet and great for checking out your favourite restaurant or coffee shop.   One of my favourite uses of this machine though is to check out vehicles.  If you arrive at your destination tired, listless, with a headache or a crying sick child, then why not inspect your car for EMF radiation with this device.  You might just be surprised at the results.

It is also by the way one of the simplest ways to check for mobile phone masts and an essential part of anyone who suffers from electosensitivity. 

Here we offer to rent you this device although once you have it chances are like most of our customers you won’t want to send it back.... 

So here is how we do the rental agreement.  You pay the rental fee plus the balance to make up the difference to the full sale price, you then get to use it for 28 days, after this period you return it to us in its undamaged state and the balance between the rental and purchase price is returned to your card or if you want to keep it do absolutely nothing and the machine is yours.

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