EMF Detection Meter

The tool that every home should have is a microwave radiation detector, if you don’t have one how do you know if harmful cell phone radiation from a nearby mobile phone mast hidden in a petrol forecourt sign or disguised as a tree (yes they realy do that) is entering your home or not or indeed what levels of microwave radiation are coming in from your neighbours Wi Fi, cordless phone or a plethora of other ever growing wireless applications.

Here we offer only tried and tested simple to use microwave radiation detectors, otherwise known as cell phone tower radiation detectors or mobile phone mast detectors, emf monitors that are cost effective and simple to use too, in fact you will be amazed how affordable they are with rental prices starting from £1.35 per day that will allow you to get a basic idea of your levels of Electrosmog or become an EMF pollution expert, it’s your choice.

Even if you don’t believe or want to believe that emissions from cell phone towers are dangerous even, many say life threatening, you cannot afford to ignore it.

Take a little time to look around the shop, each monitor will be well described and allow you to decide which is the best way for you to fully understand your electromagnetic environment.  And don’t forget if you haven’t got the time to investigate everything yourself you can always book a slot with one of our consultants who will help you along on your journey.

There is something in this section for every budget from £40 all the way up to a price on arrangement full site survey for you home school or office.  Yes you decide how much or little you want to know, let us know whereabouts you live and we will give you a price from as little as £449 plus travel & expenses.