Blocwifi phone radiation protection material

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Blocwifi microwave radiation protection material is ideal for shielding windows as a blind or curtain backing fabric and our bed mats are made from this excellent fabric.

If having checked your home with your microwave radiation detector or having called out a radiation consultant to conduct an emf survey you've discovered a phone mast, Wi-Fi or any other electromagnetic pollution in your premises, you might want to consider backing your curtains with this phone mast protection material.  It is also used as a floor mat to go under your bed when using a microwave protective bed canopy; we recommend you buy a ready prepared bed mat for this here.

These mats are prepared not just to seal your canopy but using the conductive Blocwifi radiation material and being earthed they also take out harmful electric fields from the bedroom environment further improving your sleep experience.
The EMF protection material is made from nickel and copper. It stops over 99.98% of incoming microwave radiation energy - a range that encompasses all three mobile phone bands through to TETRA and Wi-Fi.  It tests especially well at 1 GHz blocking 92.5 dB and even on low frequencies such as TETRA and 4G it blocks 82.4 dB!  It is dove grey in colour and easy to sew. It is 112cm wide and is sold by the metre. You can order any amount above 1 metre, but 1 metre is the minimum order length.

Many modern illnesses such as headaches, nausea, insomnia, blood pressure, depression, memory loss, poor concentration, serious liver problems, kidney problems are being linked to sleep patterns interrupted by the microwave radiation from mobile phone masts near to people’s homes.  This phone mast protection can help you sleep better and therefore restore your health.
Try this microwave radiation protection material for your windows,


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