Bed Sets

Our quilt & sheet blocbed-sets are producing almost miraculous results. In an early trial a man diagnosed with M.E.has been almost completely freed of his wheelchair after 12 years of reliance upon it and that after just two weeks of sleeping in one our EMF shielding Blocbed sets. A lessor miracle is a man of a certain age whose nighttime trips to the bathroom were instantly reduced by about 40% after using a bed-set.
They are based on a simple logic that seems to work the biggest organ of your body is your skin, so shield as much as possible of it. The most vulnerable organ is the one with the most electrical activity, your heart which without a bed-set at night is in danger of manmade EMF interfering with you natural and vital EMF around your heart, use a Blocbed-set and its completely surrounded in EMF shielding material allowing it to play it’s in your night time immune system re-generation.

Our Blocbed-sets are simple the sheet which looks and fits like a mattress protector is made from Swiss Shield Naturel or Ultima (your choice) EMF shielding fabric (up to 44db shielding) which is none conductive. The quilt gives you the same choice of shielding fabrics and again is simple to use, just pop your quilt in then add a decorative cover of your choice.  Job done nothing has changed to look at, no airflow restrictive canopy, suddenly, you’re sleeping and feeling better.

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