Beautiful Swiss Naturell Box Canopy

This is a tried and tested, elegant, breathable, durable and most importantly naturally protective fabric against the onslaught of EMFs. Best suited to environments where wifi networks are weak to moderate. If you have several networks at very close proximity, you will probably be better with our higher protection Blocsilver Box Canopy.
Condition: New
This product is worth 999 points which is the equivalent of £19.98.


Still going strong is our longest standing high quality EMF shielding four poster box canopy for your bed which will restore healthy sleep patterns and rejuvenate your health by minimising radiation from mobile phone masts, Wi-Fi, smart meters and most other wireless radiation. We have designed and manufactured this product in the UK since 2008 and received testimony after testimony of restored health, sleep, peace and even life. Our spacious canopy has easy access through side slits for those little visits in the night. The canopy comes with comprehensive instructions and is really easy to hang from your ceiling via height adjustable straps, almost everything is supplied for the installation, all you need to add is a tape measure to assemble in 20 minutes.

With tie backs for the day this canopy looks fantastic too!

Swiss Shield Naturell can be washed on a delicate cycle and it's durability extends to 40 washes provided the care instructions are adhered to.

The canopy comes in a range of sizes to suit US and UK beds.  The height of the canopy is a standard 2m with the option to extend the straps to a further metre.

If you are a ES sufferer and you live in the EU, you are entitled to VAT relief just complete the following form here


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