3.5 GHz Cell Phone Tower Monitor

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This 3 Axis cell phone tower monitor, I have to say blew me away. I think this is by far the best budget microwave radiation detector I’ve ever come across.  You can become a technical expert with this multi axis high frequency electric field analyser or just leave it on a simple setting you're comfortable with, then wave it around until you unearth that phone mast you think has been messing with your sleep patterns.

If you are specifically looking for a meter  to read Wi-Fi then you need the more expensive Accoustimeter cell phone tower monitor but I have to say I prefer this great little cell phone radiation monitor to my former favourite.  It’s great to detect next doors' DECT transmissions and if you are going to look for or shield against Wi-Fi then simply use your own lap top to find their signal and then paint the adjoining wall with Blocpaint conductive shielding paint and watch the bars representing their signal disappear.
Up to 3.5Ghz, the digital reading on this machine is very sensitive allowing readings down to the micro volt range which allows those suffering from electrosensitivity or Electro hyper sensitivity, or come to that those of us who just want this untested environmental pollution minimised in our lives to choose their own parameters as to how much high frequency they live with.
I actually think this machine is also more than enough for complicated high frequency shielding projects.  You can use this microwave radiation detector to detect the cell phone tower radiation in the first place and then watch with joy the excellent digital display reduce as you apply the Blocpaint, fit the window film or draw the Swiss Shield curtains and your home becomes a safer place to live in again.
A wonderful piece of kit.  It comes complete with a 1 year warranty and a superb protective carrying case.


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